The Adolescent Health and Development Program (AHDP) is one of the key component programs of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP).  The overall goal of the AHD Program is to contribute to the improvement and promotion of the total well-being of young Filipinos ages 10-14; 15-19 and 20-24 through their sexual and reproductive health.   Specifically, it aims to contribute to the reduction of the incidence of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS among young people which are aligned with the thrusts of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Program of Action (PoA).

As the government agency tasked to manage the AHD Program, the Philippine Commission on Population leads in the coordination and monitoring of relevant initiatives in the areas of:

  • Policy support
  • Service delivery
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy and information, communication and education (IEC)    
  • Research and management information system 

Moreover, the Commission works hand in hand with the Department of Health and other stakeholders both public and private in linking demand and services through the development and piloting of demand generation strategies and conduct of researches that merit appropriate policy and program responses.  The efforts of the Commission involve and target the various level of stakeholders including the young people themselves as the primary stakeholder, the family, specifically the parents as primary sexuality educators and the school, government, church and media as supporting institutions.  With concerted efforts, necessary services and information which are crucial to the development of the total well-being of the young people will be made available wherever they go— home, school, church and community.  

Lead Adviser:
Ms. Magdalena G. Abellera   –   Regional Director, POPCOM V

Mr. Reynaldo O. Wong –    Regional Director, POPCOM IX
Mr. Angelito S. Obcena  –    Regional Director, POPCOM IV

Technical Working Group
Ms. Melanie C. Alberto    –     Assistant Regional Director, POPCOM VIII
Ms. Vicky Barbea B. Dela Torre  –     Assistant Regional Director, POPCOM III
Ms. Theresa C. Soriano    –     Assistant Regional Director, POPCOM II

Lead Program Manager:
Ms. Susana B. Codotco   –   Information Officer V, POPCOM Central Office – Information Management and Communication Division

Assistant Program Manager:
Ms. Mylene Mirasol C. Quiray   –   Information Officer IV, POPCOM Central Office – Information Management and Communication Division

Ms. Lyra Gay Ellies S. Borja   –   Executive Assistant / Planning Officer III, POPCOM Central Office – Office of the Executive Director
Mr. Rommel B. David   –   Information Officer III, POPCOM Central Office – Information Management and Communication Division