On August 27, PNVSCA launched the 2021 National Volunteer Month (NVM) celebration with the theme “Volunteer Now: Spark Hope, Create Solutions, and Respond to the Pandemic Challenges.” The NVM celebration is held every December pursuant to Presidential Proclamation no. 55, series of 1998, with a series of different activities, such as fora, summits, contests, and recognition ceremonies.

This year, PNVSCA identified simple but meaningful activities to commemorate the NVM given our current situation, which include the following:

a.     Search for Outstanding COVID-19 Volunteers (SOCV).  SOCV aims to recognize the contributions of individual volunteers and volunteer organizations in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

b.     Philippine Volunteers’ March Translation Contest. The Philippine Volunteers’ March will be translated from English to any Philippine local language as a means to promote volunteerism.  It also aims to heighten the significance of volunteerism among the various ethno-linguistic communities in the country by using their local language or dialect.

c.     Spoken Word Poetry Contest. This contest aims to promote volunteerism and encourage the participation of the public in volunteerism activities through performance arts.

For more information, visit PNVSCA website: https://www.pnvsca.gov.ph/?page_id=92