COVID-19 affects both the health and wealth of Filipinos. POPCOM FILE PHOTO

Pandemic-plagued areas’ poverty rates 5x up, 4.3M more Pinoys poorer

The ongoing pandemic has manifested its polarizing effects on Filipinos’ socioeconomic standing, as it pushed more than 4 million individuals deeper into poverty, while lifting some 800,000 out of economic hardships.

According to recent Philippine Statistics Authority reports on official poverty statistics and causes of death, 4,300,000 Filipinos, or about 861,300 families, sank below the poverty threshold in regions which saw over 90% of COVID-19-related deaths as of September 2021.

More Filipinos are embracing family planning during the crisis caused by the economic crunch and Covid-19, resulting to the Philippines' rapidly declining population numbers. POPCOM FILE PHOTO

POPCOM projects slowest population rise in 75 years

The Philippine population is expected to achieve a historic record in 2021, as the total number of Filipinos is projected to increase by only 324,000 for the entire year—just a 0.3% increase compared to 2020.

According to the Commission on Population and Development, this annual “natural increase” is the lowest since the period between 1946 and 1947, when the population grew by 254,000. As such, Filipinos will number 109,991,095 at the end of 2021—lower by 2 million than earlier projections based on a 1.63% population growth rate or PGR.